The Meanderings of the Wheel of Dhamma

There’s no tomorrow, 
No yesterday, 
No reason for sorrow
Or need to say,
This thing I remember,
‘For that I pray.’
There’s only today. 
– Ananda Pereira, Wheel publication #24/25


The Meanderings of the Wheel of Dhamma – and other such titles – were discovered in a beautiful buddhist book shop in the centre of Sri Lanka, in a place called Kandy. Follow the road around the lake and eventually you will find the Buddhist Publication Society.


Paper pamphlets, hand printed, for the sum of 15 LKR, the equivalent of 0.07p. The wall was full of them, floor to ceiling, all holding within them the teachings of Buddhist missions, philosophies, meditations, and essays all printed by The Wheel Publications. I pick up Wheel Publication #127 and get transported to a chapter on ‘Aspects of Reality’. #243 takes you through a spiritual glade exploring how peoples lives haven’t really changed much in 2500 years, and ‘visit’ a monk called Talaputa through the pages.

Bhikkhu Khantipalo, Forest Meditations, The Wheel 234


Another Wheel Publication #24/25 declares ‘LIVE NOW’ loudly from the cover. Within these pages it provides writings on the secret of happy successful living, aligning ourselves with the present, and the impermanence of the living world.


The Wheel Publications are produced by the Buddhist Publication Society, one of the worlds biggest publishers of literature on Buddhism. The have made all of the 434 booklets available online, and also on other archive sites such as the what-buddah-said.net website.


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