Life’s a beach.


What not to do whilst travelling #3 Mistake your aftersun for factor 50 when attempting to tan for the first time in your life in paradise.

LIFE’S A BEACH and then you move to a place full of them. I was never one for beach holidays for the following reasons; A) sitting in the sun would quickly turn my good self into a brighter shade of puce B) wearing a bikini was both humiliating and off putting for fellow beach goers as my flappettes of white flesh would wobble across my very person like the waves of the sea itself C) It was boring.

I quickly realised that whilst living in Lombok I would have to get used to this, and so I began my beach mantra; relax, enjoy the nothingness, and possibly attempt to change my freckled pale irish skin into a sort of something beige. Yes I looked stupid, local children said I am “like the chicken”, and yes I felt terribly out of place. But, plunging into that dangerous blue forever looking out to the distant misty white palmed beaches, I suddenly couldn’t give a flying shit. And so I took my mantra, and what I thought was factor 50, and started my exploration of Lombok’s vast array of dazzling shores. I was a little more than sore on my return.

Selong Belanak


The road is long…. to Selong. Well not that long, about 20 minutes from Kuta on a scooter, and you will find yourself at the most beautiful crescent bay beach. A favorite of mine in Lombok, and apparently perfect for beginner surfers although I wouldn’t be partaking in that activity, I could barely sit on a beach never mind a surf board. Blissfully peaceful and quiet apart from a small collection of fishing families that take to the water daily and the usual handful of free spirited children embracing the universe. If you want to try your hand at fishing you can hire a small traditional boat from one of the locals. It has a perfect desert island feel when you look out to the horizon (I bobbled around in the water for a while pretending to be a pirate on her day off) and the sunsets here are transcendental. I could get used to this. If only I didn’t have to stay indoors for the next few days to let my skin┬árehabilitate from the burns. Next stop the local shop: more aftersun.




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